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Different organizations, agencies, states and governments fight together against crime and especially drugs. Until here, nothing new!

But everybody seems to ignore another type of drug, from which the Romanians have been "protected" before '89, which is the TV set! Just try to remember how many times you planned to do something (useful or not) and you ended in the front of the TV, with the remote control stuck into your hand.

It is very hard to resist after so many years in communism, especially when you have a large offer! Large, but not so "healthy". I speak about violence from the movies and news, soap operas, the humour produced by some questionable quality actors and a part of the so-called contest shows. All these transform the brain into a "head filling" and the most incredible thing is that they produce top ratings. This say something about the cultural level that we reached as nation and also about our hobbies and areas of interest.

This is why I would like to break the wall that surround us sometimes and to promote the exploration of some interesting fields (in my opinion) through this site, by inviting you to read the papers published or to follow the links of some carefuly selected links. I hope that will produce some good effects on your eye or on your spirit.

And if we are to draw a conclusion, I would like to quote a "modern philosopher", who said something close to this:

Explore, explore, explore!

Dragos Barbu

You can reach me at explora@home.ro


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