The Hungarians

For the Romanians is not very clear how the Hungarians ended in being a "friendly neighbouring people" - how the offficial communist propaganda used to name all our neighbour countries. All that we know is that, in principle, they made a hard time for the Romanians from Transylvania and from time to time there were some minor conflicts with Walllahia and Moldavia.

I believe that now is the best time to uncover without prejudice some of the facts of the past that poisoned the Romanian - Hungarian relationship. This is why I invite you to read this page, hoping that you will find new and interesting facts regarding this issue.

  • Who are the ancestors of Hungarians?
  • Stefan the Saint - the Christian king of Maghiars

Who are the ancestors of Hungarians?

If we, the Romanians, have as ancestors Decabal and Traian, according to school textbooks - eventhough this rise the issue of who is the "mother" and who is the "father"- let's see where the Hungarians came from, or the Maghiars…or the Huns…

The Huns, like Maghiars, were a nomad "people" coming from Asia that reached Europe around the 376 a.d. Due to their cruelty and the damaged produced they terrified the civilised world of those ages. Their leader, Atilla, was called "the wip of God", and this because the Christians from the Western Roman Empire believed that he was sent to punish them for their sins. Five hundred years later (around 896 a.d.) another nomad people came from the same Asia. Their name was "Maghiars". Because for the first 50 years they were doing the same job as the Huns, they were incorrect identified by the historians of that time as being Huns. It is however possible that the Huns and Maghiars to be somehow related, but it is not correct to say that they are the same thing! While the Huns are more likely to be Mongols, the Maghiars are part of the fino-ugric family. The interesting fact is that this "union" is promoted by the miths and legends of today's Hungarians. Most of them sincerely believe that the Huns are in fact their ancestors.

Stefan the Saint - the Christian king of Maghiars

After a glorious time, in which the Maghiars were quite succesfull in different military conflicts all around Europe, they have been defetead in a series of battles by the German king Otto I (the Great). He put an end to Maghiar's habit of wandering around Europe and forced them to stay in the Pannonian plane that is bordered in the East by the Carpathians. Now it is the time for King Stephen (later becoming the Saint) to play a crucial role in keeping the Maghiars together and - very important - to convert them to Christianity. Between the two important "versions" - catholic and orthodox promoted by Rome and Constantinopol - they chosed in the end to be catholic.

Ever since, the crown of this (no doubt) glorious king became one of the most precious symbols of the Hungarian nation, inspiring freedom and independence. The crown it is now exposed at the National Museum from Budapest. What is not known by the great public is that what is on display it is not his actual crown. It was not long ago descovered that the crown is made in two separate stages, both long ago after the king's death! But the legend must go on…

If you did find all the above interesting, I hope that you will come again some time and by then we will have new topics for you.

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