The Jews

During time lots has been written about the Jews, but most of the time without objectivity and sometimes even with hate. For somebody who is not involved in this endless dispute and who tries to think logically the question is "What this people did that wrong to deserve all that they went through?" - and let’s speak here only about the Inquisition and the Holocaust. The answer is so simple and the reason for their persecution is so stupid! Jews have another religion and they stick to it. Here is the point where you will say that there are other people in the world with different religion who never suffered like the Jews. I agree, but there is a significant detail here: in the other religions you don't have a key figure - Jesus Christ.

The Jews, victims of a misinterpretation

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Jesus Christ is the cause for the Jews' misfortune. And not Him, as person, but the way He is perceived differently by the Jews and Christians. The difference is obvious. For Christians, He is Mesia, the son and messenger of God on earth, sent to compensate for the sins of the mortals. He was born by Virgin Mary, after a miracle announced by an angel. Well, for the Jews Jesus - which by the way is one of them - it is not that long waited Mesia, but only a fraud. This is why they let him to be crucified, along with two common thiefs, instead of a local "revolutionary". More than that, in their book of laws - Talmud, it says that Jesus was born by Mary after a not so "offcial" relationship with a Roman soldier. Through all of these the Jews offended the Christian belief and so, the Christians. And this is why they suffered like that. Our opinion is that this is not right. A difference in view, even religious, should not lead to taking lives.

The Jews, “native” bankers?

Another reason for which the Jews were blamed through history is their "infiltration" in the finance world. But how did it happen? Simple and natural! They were not allowed to own land, and also could not practice some professions, even since the Middle Ages. Unable to settle down on their own piece of land they went to the cities, where thay could easily group together and help each other. Here, they really did not have a choice and they started to practice whatever was forbidden to the others, by the Church. And this is the case of money lending. What today is a normal and very needed activity - called banking - was back then forbidden to Christians! So, Jews naturally occupied this "niche". In the mean time they raised huge estates out of these, that attracted the envy of the others.

From all the above comes the today's antisemitism. Let's hope that if we will know and understand this better, if we try to be in their position just for a moment, than we will descover that the logic of antisemitism has in fact no logic and there is something against civilization itself.

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