History Museums

On this page e-Xplora would like to recommend you few of the most interesting museums in the world. Most of them have a patrimony build up from items that belong to history, culture or civilization. And all at a "click"away! Select from the list below and surf as much as you can. You have nothing to lose…

For a better browsing we chose to divide the museums in two groups: from Romania and from outside Romania. Being true patriot I could not resist to the temptation of seeing the world as "us and the rest"…

My reccomendation is to explore first the museums from inside Romania, simply for the fact that these are harder to reach if you not live in Romania. However, do not avoid the sites from outside Romania. They are worth seeing. I wish you a pleasant "e-Xplora"-tion!

Therefore I invite you to visit:

Museums from Romania

Museums from outside Romania


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