Useful links
  • National Geographic - the well known exploration magazine. Comprises articles about history, civilisations, geography and animals. Maybe the best things about NG are the quality of the photos and the series of remarkable maps provided.
  • Discovery - the great competitor of the National Geographic TV channel, Discovery has an interesting site that invites you to surf more and more.
  • History Channel - similar with Discovery, but it is specialised in history.
  • Magazin Istoric - the only Romanian history magazine made by professionals. Unfortunately it is not well promoted and it still has a long way to go to reach reasonable printing quality.
  • LíHistoire - revista de istorie editata in Franta, in conditii grafice excelente si care trateaza subiecte de interes general, din toate timpurile.
  • History - revista de istorie generala editata de prestigiosul canal britanic BBC.
  • Crusades - a link to a history of the Crusades published on the net.

Castles on Internet

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