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Whether you reached this page on purpose or just by curiosity, I recommend you to not leave empty handed. And because we have no time to lose, let's see what I can offer you:

History: Find out the real story of Dracula, of Gipsies, of Hungarians, of Jews and why are the Christians split.

Heraldry: Do you what to see the Romanian coat of arms? Also, find out more about heraldry.

Museums: When did you visit for the last time the Louvre? But the Ermitage? Do you remember the mummies from the British Museum? You don't need a personal jet and weeks of holiday to see all this. Just visit the Museum page!

Useful links: What is your opinion about the National Georgaphic maps? But about Magazin Istoric? Visit this section and discover links to sites of educational entertaiment channels or magazines.

Whatever section you will chose, I hope that you will find new and interesting subjects. This is why I wish you smooth "surf" and a lot of kilobites per second.

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